Oyakudachi es una palabra japonesa que significa ‘'ponernos en la piel de otro'’. Un ejercicio innato de nuestra espiritualidad que la ajetreada vida cotidiana nos hace olvidar con demasiada frecuencia.
Oyakudachi is a Japanese word which means “walking in the customer’s shoes’, an inborn exercise of our spirituality which the hectic everyday life tends to make us forget too frequently.

Lydia Giménez-Llort

'Oyakudachi stories' by Lydia Giménez Llort in WE CAN CHANGE THE WEATHER

We can change the weather : 100 cases of changeability

I'm proud to announce that Oyakudachi Stories are referenced as one of the 100 tangible local initiatives from all over the world that fit into a constructive and holistic movement for social and ecological change. Drawing from a pool of personally driven research and bottom-up projects,this 4th CROSSTALKS book singles out 100 cases in different, yet interrelated domains. The selection itself was motivated by scientific researchers, architects, artists, political thinkers and entrepreneurs who try to make a positive difference in our quest for a future of prosperity, freedom and fun without undermining nature and humanity. This book will be promoted and distributed throughout Europe and US in scientific, artistic and mainstream bookshops and via Amazon.com. Bibliographic reference: Wynants M. (Ed.) (2010). We can change the weather. 100 cases of changeability. Brussels: VUB Press.

We Can Change the Weather. Thursday, 14 October 2010 | Leadership Library.
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"A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves".
Marcel Proust

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